Saturday, December 18, 2010

who says you are alone...!

when you walk....path walks with you..

when you swim water flows with you...

when you stop...time stops with you...


when you fall...there is ground to catch you...

when you cry there is rain to cry with you...

when you are sad moon blues with you...


when you think pen thinks with you...

when you dance..winds dances with you...

when you are happy moon smiles with you...

when you laugh flowers blossoms with you...


and even after that if you feel lonely...
come inside my heart i'll stop it for you....

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I wish.....

I wish i could do this once..
I wish i could hold u once...

I wish to say this loud to you..
"you are mine and i do love you..."

I wish i could tell you how i feel..
I wish to show you my love is real...

I wish i could tell you ever..
"i love you and will love you forever..."

I wish i could say this once
"i can do anything to hold you once..."

I wish i could do this ever..
hold you in my arms and dance forever...

I wish to feel the sent of your hair..
I wish to tell you...i am always there...

I wish to tell you i am totally assundered..
I wish to tell you my heart is plundered...

I wish you could hear my wishes...before the day i die..
I wish to tell you that they are not a lie...

I wish to finally wake up from this dream..
but its still incomplete and still unseen...

Sunday, December 12, 2010

And So I Fall In Love….Again!

“How could I not notice you for the past few years? You are so beautiful, so flawless. The innocence in your smile, the stupidity in your actions, the hair groomed or all messed up, all adds to your elegance. When I look at your face, the whole world dissolves and what remains is just you. Oh wait, why is everything dissolving? why are you dissolving?….

Now I am on a horse, whoa!
You are standing on a hill covered with green grass waving at me. I ride faster and faster and finally reach you. I lean down, put my right hand around your waist, lift you a bit and kiss you. I can see a tiny drop of tear at the right corner of your right eye. With the thumb of my left hand, I wipe off your tear.You smile at me, and that reminds me how much I love you. Now I say, “I …. hey… why is everything shaking ?“”

“Utkarsh uthja saale, exam hai aaj ”.

“Oh damn this exam, now I will never find out how I would have proposed her. Another love story gone in dreams...”

that gal...

"Ur time is up. Get lost.."

"What?? But u told I was beautiful.. rather..most beautiful..!!"

"I was kid.. My eyes had never witnessed the truth And now I can show u someone better than u..rather.. million times better than u....
you are nothing in comparision to her...."

"But u loved my smile"

"Yeah...but her smile is more beautiful and charming than yours"

"what are u saying...?? ....u told u love me....u liked me very much..!!"

"but now i don't....
i got someone better than you....who understands me....who cares for me....who loves me the way i am..."

"Don't u remember what u said to me....when we were alone on your roof top...."

"yes i do remember each nd every word...but u r no good for me....u can't understand my emotions...but she does...."


" more arguments...i don't wanna talk to u or be with u anymore....we are done...its all over....
from now on...i won't share anything with u....pls. juz go away from me..."

This was the last conversation i had with the "MOON" last night.....But now its all over...
coz i have got someone more special.... :)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

your shadow might fade away...

Oh dear, I dread the day

when your shadow might fade away

As I amble into the future

Often I imagine

that sleepless night

under the starry skies

all of us above the rest

watching the dawn break

wishing the sun shall not rise today

For one day,

please let the time stay

for this moment shall never return

Oh truly, I wished!

If present is the gift,

why do I have to let go of it?

But the sun did rise

stealing away the serene night

And we moved on

Oh, moved apart..

Beginning of an end

or ending of another beginning

I do not care.

But I still dread the day

when your shadow might fade away.