Saturday, December 29, 2012

The Birth...

And here i go for one more time..
LOVING my WIFE in every line..

She is so Pure and so Divine..
Every Breath of her's is so Truly MINE...

There are no more words for what i FEEL..
What i have is much more than ZEAL..

She holds me tyt and Hugs me Hard..
She is the source where the Beauty starts..

Her eyes so Deep...Her skin so Bright..
all i know is that she is the reason of My LIFE..

Touch of her HANDS...Feel of her LIPS..
brings me to Life ..from Toe to Tips..

Sound of her voice..Beat of her HEART..
those were the first sound i heard because of which my life did start...


Here is another night..and the Full Moon shines so bright..

I can feel MY LADY in my armz..and i HUG her so tight..


thank you for letting me love you god ji...


Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Living The WOnDeR... :)

People have a Choice..
I never had One..
yes i never had a choice...ryt from the very first moment..
it was juz One time i saw her..Juz One time i Talked to her...and yet i Already FELL in LOVE with HER.....amazing ryt... :)

she became the music of my dream...she became my god....
it was juz one time i saw her...juz one time i felt her soul...
and i already knew..deep within... if i m supposed to live..i am supposed to live with my my soul..
it felt like...i know her from ages..
i felt like we were ment to be different lives...different times..different ages...

FEAR...BELIEF..LOVE..these are the phenomenon that determine the courses of someones life...
these forces begins long before u are born...and they continue even when you perish..
phenomenon that determine the course of your life...the course of your soul..

Fear... I had a Gun of Fear on my Head...
Belief....Belief was wat i had in myself...that i won't loose her...but sometimes you are just all WRONG...

that was the time when i knew...  I  HAVE  LOST  EVERYTHING....

Every Choice comes with a CONSEQUENCE ..
You are afraid of Deciding...
I was afraid... I was afraid to decide.. whether to stay or to leave..leave and foget wateva i was with  her..wateva she was with me...wateva we could have been together...

I Chose to STAY... Chose to survive..Chose to live..
because I knew If I disappear or something happens to me..she won't be able to
She'll die for me.... WITH ME....

I'VE  FELT  THE  MEMORIES  TURNING  INTO  PAIN  ...AND  THEN  THE  PAIN  TURNING  INTO  MEMORIES .... and it started feeling like... this cycle...that pain started to become a never ending nightmare of my life....

Where do you go when you have no where else to turn to....when nothing is CERTAIN... ??

YES...then you turn to the the Face for which you are ready to take any the Face the SOUL..for which you are ready to give up Everything...

Yes you turn to the Hopes of   "HER"....
that hopes keep you you the strength to Survive...


withe FEAR...comes HOPE...with HOPE comes COURAGE..

COURAGE to foget the past... COURAGE to fight for her...fight for the make HER your WIFE...and see the most Beautiful FUTURE...

she is my GOD...and i am so much blessed by have WIFE...

Its not just the FEELING anymore for "US" ...
it has drastically transformed into something way HIGHER...AND   UNIMAGINABLE...

Even the DEATH fears from our love...our soul...


Thanku for letting me love u my soul...

thanku schotu shi mrs.bhargava... :)


Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Birth..

The light is so bright..
Y is it so bright..'s hurting my eyes..
Why does it feels as if I m swinging..?
Am I swinging..
Ohh my God..I am really.swinging..
What the hell is going on..
Where am I..?
Who is she..
I can see her..
I can't move myself..feels as if my whole body doesn't have enough strength to move..
So shiny..her hands..
Moving on my cheeks..
So beautiful you are my love..
I wanna say it out loud..
I wanna say it..
Why can't I say it..?
Why am I not able to speak..
Don't I know how to speak..?
Her hairs..falling on my face..tickling me..
Making the butterflies fly in me at the speed of light..
I want to hug you my love..
I want to hug you so tight..
What's happening to me..
You are right here..right infront of me.
Y am I not able to hug you..
Don't I have enough strength to juz get up ..and hug u tyt in my armz my love...?
Ohh jaan..Ohh my God..your touch..
You are touching my if I m too delicate to touch..
Your's so soft..your hands smooth..
But y am I not able to do anything else other than looking at u..and staring into the most beautiful eyes in this universe..
Why m I not able to just grab you..
Hug you tight..
And hold you in my armz..
Your voice.
I can hear you..
Your lips..
So beautiful..
I can concentrate on your lips..and I can feel you saying something beautiful...
You are saying..''i love you Jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnn.. ''

But again..y m I juz looking at u.. Staring at u with eyes wide open..
Why am I not able to tell you..speak to you..what's Commin in my thoughts..

$$ ring..ring$$..
And the phone is ringing..
Oo my's so loud..
It's hurting my ears again..
I can't understand at all..
What is Goin on around here..
And suddenly the door bangs..
and you come in..
Close the door second you..take me in your armz..
Kiss my cheeks..
Hug me tyt..
And then you walk towards the phone..
Pick it up..and what you said..made me feel Alive..
It made my life worthwhile..
You said..
''hello...this is Mrs.bhargava speaking..''
You said this to some random person over the phone who wanted to talk to me..about whom I din gave a damn..
Coz I m Bizzy hugging my wife..and loving her all my life..

And now I can hear a baby cry..
Wow..this is my reality..
It's our babie love.. wife..and our babie..
Mrs utkarsh Shreya bhargava's babie..
This is so beautiful..
So real .so true ...
It's your love it's so pure..

What's Goin on..
Where is the babie gone..
I can still hear the babie cry..but where is the babie..
Why can't I see the babie..

And suddenly I realise..
That it's me crying..
I m awake..
I am juz a Lil babie..lying In a babie swing..
I was the one who was crying..
Crying because I want my wife...ryt here in my armz..

Then Wat was all that..
Wat was Goin on before..
And now I finally realise..
And now I finally believe in God..
My wife is my God..
It was a dream..
My wife..she came into the dream..and made see How beautiful our life is Goin to be..
She made me see ..made me feel the future..

Ohh jaan..
It's 29th ..I m born..juz a Lil babie..
Playing in your armz..
Thanku for loving me jaaan..
Thanku for being my wife..
Thanku for being my life love..

Love you Mrs.bhargava..
Love u more than life my love..