Tuesday, September 18, 2012


its so bright.. wat is it.. so full of life.. what's it.. is it a person..is that her....so bright..so full of life.. emitting so much life... who is she.. she is coming closer..I can feel her presence..her fragrance.. am I watching a dream.. I used to dream of her evry single night.. and evry single day..evry single moment of my life.. there wasn't a second tht passed without her thought.. is this a dream.. I have the habit of waking up from her dreamz....and realizing tht..dreamz always do not come true.. but thn how is it possible.. she is walking towards me..and damn..she is walking faster and faster..why is she running.. is she about to hit me or something.. this myt be a dream.. she always was a dream.. no.. omg.. and she jumped on me..and hugged me tyt.. and whisperd in my ears.. ''i m all urs my love..'' and kissed me ryt on my forehead..and thn my lips..so smooth..I can feel her soft lips touching mine..her breaths..on my face.. and yes she is my reality now.. I can feel her love...I can feel her so intense.. her love is so true..so pure.. and get cuteness .. beyond comparison.. the way she looks at me..the way she smiles at me..the way she hugs me..says it all.. her love...drives me..keeps me goin..she is my life..and I can feel myself alive now.. living her is the best feelin in this universe...and it is the one and only feeling I love for..trust me..one and only.. people need reason..need excitement to live life...they need air to breathe. .. blood to flow.. mind to think..heart to beat..senses to feel... I need her to breathe.. she flows in me.. she's all I think..she beats in me..and she's the only feeling I feel.. our love is beyond eternity...beyond forever.. I won't ever get tired of loving her...kissing her..hugging her..making her feel my love...forever nd ever.. all I have is her now.. she is the source of cuteness in this universe.. she is the source of beauty in this universe.. she is the source of my life.. I m her..she is me.. and our love is more thn.. ''THE LOVE BEYOND FOREVER'' live u jaan..love u babie.. :*

Sunday, September 9, 2012

and u brought me back to life.. :)

I was lost .. I was dead.. there were tyms I was sad.. I was broken .. I was stolen.. so many words were left unspoken.. I cried a lot.. I died a lot.. but for your smile..yes I smiled a lot.. feelings were hidden.. thoughts were written.. couldn't do anything accept watching u with wide eyes open.. prayed to God.. yes I've prayed a lot.. cried like hell .. yes I've cried a lot.. dreamt of you.. yes I've dreamt a lot.. waited for you to be mine.. yes I've waited a lot.. and yes the wait is over now.. yes it's over now.. hands in hands we walk again.. dream in dream we dream again.. me and you..the perfect few.. my feelings for you.. yes..they are so true.. all the pain I took.. the nyts I cried.. all make sense now.. u love me so true..so deep.. I love u babie..I love u my life.. although this writeup doesn't rhyme..or doesn't sound gud.. but all I know is u'll love it coz u love me..nd I love u so true.. :) love u love..

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Happily Ever After..

And the bells are ringing.. I can hear the soothing sound of bells...prayers.. everything seems so bright...so white.. so full of life.. and I m waiting for her .. juz for one look of hers.. one glance... bright sun light on the huge doors.. I am standing near the doors..waiting for her.. and there ..I can see a shadow.. ooo..my dear God.. I m in love with her shadow.. and the wind flows.. Aaaahhhh.. the fragrance..so soothing..so lovely..so lively..the fragrance so strong..tht can bring any dead to life.. and there she steps in.. I can see her white dress flowing behind her.. even the dress is feeling so lucky that it got a chance to be on her.. and now I can see her.... flowers in her hands..white roses...I can see the flowers smiling coz she is holding them in her warm hands.. and m standing there ..my armz longing for her ..my hands dying for her touch.. Ohh dear God.. I can see her.. such a beautifully crafted body..such a pure soul..eyes so charming...her body glowing...her beauty is flowing...evry other gal in this universe can feel complex from her divine beauty.. and there she steps in.. everybody is standing ..with eyes wide open...looking at the only angel in this universe.. and she moves her hand forward...finally giving me chance to hold her warm beautiful hand....got a chance to hold her waist..the waist for which any living or dead person in this universe could have died for.. now we moving on the red silk carpet..people showering flowers on us.. white petals. the bells are ringing.. people humming songs.. and I slowly make her step up on the dice.. and holding her hand.. and finally surrendering my life to her.. her beauty..her soul..she is my goddess now..my angel... taking all the wows in front of God.. in front of the universe.. and promising her to love evry single second..evry single moment of my life. till my very last.heartbeat... till my very last breath.. I will love u ..u are my body..you are my soul now my love.. only thing I saw...I see..and I'll ever be able to see is u my love..just ur deep beautiful eyes.. and I promise to be ur man for all our lives.. I won't ever give u even a single moment...a single chance to feel even a lil low.. won't let any tear touch ur beautiful lips.. won't let any problem come to ur mind.. will love u so much tht even the God of love won't be able to face me ever again...because he'll know tht my love is much more beyond eternity... and with this..i got my life.. I got my wife.. I can't xpress wat I m feeling inside.. its so wonderful...feels so satisfied.. will love u jaan evry day and all the nyts.. and with this the priest says... ''You May Now Kiss The Bride'' LOVE YOU MY ANGEL..THANKU JAAN FOR MAKING ALL MY LIVES SO BEAUTIFUL MY LOVE.....