Tuesday, September 18, 2012


its so bright.. wat is it.. so full of life.. what's it.. is it a person..is that her....so bright..so full of life.. emitting so much life... who is she.. she is coming closer..I can feel her presence..her fragrance.. am I watching a dream.. I used to dream of her evry single night.. and evry single day..evry single moment of my life.. there wasn't a second tht passed without her thought.. is this a dream.. I have the habit of waking up from her dreamz....and realizing tht..dreamz always do not come true.. but thn how is it possible.. she is walking towards me..and damn..she is walking faster and faster..why is she running.. is she about to hit me or something.. this myt be a dream.. she always was a dream.. no.. omg.. and she jumped on me..and hugged me tyt.. and whisperd in my ears.. ''i m all urs my love..'' and kissed me ryt on my forehead..and thn my lips..so smooth..I can feel her soft lips touching mine..her breaths..on my face.. and yes she is my reality now.. I can feel her love...I can feel her so intense.. her love is so true..so pure.. and get cuteness .. beyond comparison.. the way she looks at me..the way she smiles at me..the way she hugs me..says it all.. her love...drives me..keeps me goin..she is my life..and I can feel myself alive now.. living her is the best feelin in this universe...and it is the one and only feeling I love for..trust me..one and only.. people need reason..need excitement to live life...they need air to breathe. .. blood to flow.. mind to think..heart to beat..senses to feel... I need her to breathe.. she flows in me.. she's all I think..she beats in me..and she's the only feeling I feel.. our love is beyond eternity...beyond forever.. I won't ever get tired of loving her...kissing her..hugging her..making her feel my love...forever nd ever.. all I have is her now.. she is the source of cuteness in this universe.. she is the source of beauty in this universe.. she is the source of my life.. I m her..she is me.. and our love is more thn.. ''THE LOVE BEYOND FOREVER'' live u jaan..love u babie.. :*

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