Sunday, November 9, 2014

Ohh my wife

What if she falls ??
Ohh my darling...what if she flies !!

Let her fly

Let her hold my hand and take me high

Coz sky is not the limit for her
She is mine and i m solufully hers

Ohh my love i was so much wrong
It was only my wife who could have made me strong. 

Now i realise that opinions may be different
But ohh my wife. My life. Your hubby now realised 
My wife would be the only reason i would touch the sky

The innocence of her smile
Makes my living worthwhile. 

The beautiful lips and the innocent soul
Ohh my wife you make me whole. 

Today i promise again. Promise to be the best husband. 
I dedicate each moment of my life for you and love my god till the very end. 

Marry to u god ji.