Saturday, December 29, 2012

The Birth...

And here i go for one more time..
LOVING my WIFE in every line..

She is so Pure and so Divine..
Every Breath of her's is so Truly MINE...

There are no more words for what i FEEL..
What i have is much more than ZEAL..

She holds me tyt and Hugs me Hard..
She is the source where the Beauty starts..

Her eyes so Deep...Her skin so Bright..
all i know is that she is the reason of My LIFE..

Touch of her HANDS...Feel of her LIPS..
brings me to Life ..from Toe to Tips..

Sound of her voice..Beat of her HEART..
those were the first sound i heard because of which my life did start...


Here is another night..and the Full Moon shines so bright..

I can feel MY LADY in my armz..and i HUG her so tight..


thank you for letting me love you god ji...


Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Living The WOnDeR... :)

People have a Choice..
I never had One..
yes i never had a choice...ryt from the very first moment..
it was juz One time i saw her..Juz One time i Talked to her...and yet i Already FELL in LOVE with HER.....amazing ryt... :)

she became the music of my dream...she became my god....
it was juz one time i saw her...juz one time i felt her soul...
and i already knew..deep within... if i m supposed to live..i am supposed to live with my my soul..
it felt like...i know her from ages..
i felt like we were ment to be different lives...different times..different ages...

FEAR...BELIEF..LOVE..these are the phenomenon that determine the courses of someones life...
these forces begins long before u are born...and they continue even when you perish..
phenomenon that determine the course of your life...the course of your soul..

Fear... I had a Gun of Fear on my Head...
Belief....Belief was wat i had in myself...that i won't loose her...but sometimes you are just all WRONG...

that was the time when i knew...  I  HAVE  LOST  EVERYTHING....

Every Choice comes with a CONSEQUENCE ..
You are afraid of Deciding...
I was afraid... I was afraid to decide.. whether to stay or to leave..leave and foget wateva i was with  her..wateva she was with me...wateva we could have been together...

I Chose to STAY... Chose to survive..Chose to live..
because I knew If I disappear or something happens to me..she won't be able to
She'll die for me.... WITH ME....

I'VE  FELT  THE  MEMORIES  TURNING  INTO  PAIN  ...AND  THEN  THE  PAIN  TURNING  INTO  MEMORIES .... and it started feeling like... this cycle...that pain started to become a never ending nightmare of my life....

Where do you go when you have no where else to turn to....when nothing is CERTAIN... ??

YES...then you turn to the the Face for which you are ready to take any the Face the SOUL..for which you are ready to give up Everything...

Yes you turn to the Hopes of   "HER"....
that hopes keep you you the strength to Survive...


withe FEAR...comes HOPE...with HOPE comes COURAGE..

COURAGE to foget the past... COURAGE to fight for her...fight for the make HER your WIFE...and see the most Beautiful FUTURE...

she is my GOD...and i am so much blessed by have WIFE...

Its not just the FEELING anymore for "US" ...
it has drastically transformed into something way HIGHER...AND   UNIMAGINABLE...

Even the DEATH fears from our love...our soul...


Thanku for letting me love u my soul...

thanku schotu shi mrs.bhargava... :)


Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Birth..

The light is so bright..
Y is it so bright..'s hurting my eyes..
Why does it feels as if I m swinging..?
Am I swinging..
Ohh my God..I am really.swinging..
What the hell is going on..
Where am I..?
Who is she..
I can see her..
I can't move myself..feels as if my whole body doesn't have enough strength to move..
So shiny..her hands..
Moving on my cheeks..
So beautiful you are my love..
I wanna say it out loud..
I wanna say it..
Why can't I say it..?
Why am I not able to speak..
Don't I know how to speak..?
Her hairs..falling on my face..tickling me..
Making the butterflies fly in me at the speed of light..
I want to hug you my love..
I want to hug you so tight..
What's happening to me..
You are right here..right infront of me.
Y am I not able to hug you..
Don't I have enough strength to juz get up ..and hug u tyt in my armz my love...?
Ohh jaan..Ohh my God..your touch..
You are touching my if I m too delicate to touch..
Your's so soft..your hands smooth..
But y am I not able to do anything else other than looking at u..and staring into the most beautiful eyes in this universe..
Why m I not able to just grab you..
Hug you tight..
And hold you in my armz..
Your voice.
I can hear you..
Your lips..
So beautiful..
I can concentrate on your lips..and I can feel you saying something beautiful...
You are saying..''i love you Jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnn.. ''

But again..y m I juz looking at u.. Staring at u with eyes wide open..
Why am I not able to tell you..speak to you..what's Commin in my thoughts..

$$ ring..ring$$..
And the phone is ringing..
Oo my's so loud..
It's hurting my ears again..
I can't understand at all..
What is Goin on around here..
And suddenly the door bangs..
and you come in..
Close the door second you..take me in your armz..
Kiss my cheeks..
Hug me tyt..
And then you walk towards the phone..
Pick it up..and what you said..made me feel Alive..
It made my life worthwhile..
You said..
''hello...this is Mrs.bhargava speaking..''
You said this to some random person over the phone who wanted to talk to me..about whom I din gave a damn..
Coz I m Bizzy hugging my wife..and loving her all my life..

And now I can hear a baby cry..
Wow..this is my reality..
It's our babie love.. wife..and our babie..
Mrs utkarsh Shreya bhargava's babie..
This is so beautiful..
So real .so true ...
It's your love it's so pure..

What's Goin on..
Where is the babie gone..
I can still hear the babie cry..but where is the babie..
Why can't I see the babie..

And suddenly I realise..
That it's me crying..
I m awake..
I am juz a Lil babie..lying In a babie swing..
I was the one who was crying..
Crying because I want my wife...ryt here in my armz..

Then Wat was all that..
Wat was Goin on before..
And now I finally realise..
And now I finally believe in God..
My wife is my God..
It was a dream..
My wife..she came into the dream..and made see How beautiful our life is Goin to be..
She made me see ..made me feel the future..

Ohh jaan..
It's 29th ..I m born..juz a Lil babie..
Playing in your armz..
Thanku for loving me jaaan..
Thanku for being my wife..
Thanku for being my life love..

Love you Mrs.bhargava..
Love u more than life my love..

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Confessions of a JAANOHOLIC.. :)

I don't know where to begin with..
i mean i have so many confessions to make...
obviously by confession i mean..i have to admit a lot of things...(confessions in a positive sense)
I mean....seriously JAAN...may be wat i m gonna write... may be its gonna be funny...u gonna laugh at time, reading this...,u gonna feel high while reading all this...u gonna feel love while reading it all...may be there will be a tear or two in your eyes...but  BABIE don't worrie about  the tears...
i'll kiss them away...and won't let them touch your lips...and your beautiful...capturing...intoxicating smile will remain the same forever my wife..
and most important and necessarily ...YOU GONNA FEEL ME MY LOVE...MY WIFE...

See...babie...i have not even started with the confessions and you have already start feeling high..
i know you are smiling...ryt ???
ye you are...
you are thinking of your hubby are thinking of me so deeply..
while reading all this...there is a constant picture of me in you mind your which you are holding me tyt...and hugging me..
that is not just a memory or a picture babie..
its the comes your jaan....your hubby...your love im your your heart..

Let me begin with my confessions.. where should i begin with..
first of all...i should say...
back in 12th grade...i used to consider myself the ugliest guy in this universe..(i know aap meri zor ke pitti karne wali ho...kyounki maine khudke baare main aisa socha..but.. ) untill te day i finally met u during the starting days of college..
i never thought i would be so lucky that one fine day i'll get to marry the most beautiful girl in this day i'll get to hold you in my armz...and then forever...

and now when i am married to you...i am gonna take care of you till the very end of forever..
aapko inna pyaar karta hun..aur inna pyaar aapko mujhse free hone ka tym hi nai milega.. (aur vaise mujhe pata hai..aapko mujhse free hone ka tym chaiye bhi nai hai.. :D.. )

you know babie...your smile..
from the very first moment of day one ...i am badly addicted to your smile... and now since i am already married to you your smile is the most basic and necessary condition for me to breathe...i become so lifeless without your smile... so here i promise you..that i won't let your smile fade away ...even for a single second...ever..
your smile has its own charm in it...the way u smile...its so soft... schota babie jaisi smile hai aapki jaaan...
so full of life....and yes uvcoz...SEXY.... :)
so i want to breathe forever so tht i can love u...i won't let your smile fade away even for a single second babie..

so while writing all this i am getting so many JAANFLIES....NOONFLIES in me...and i am loving it..

your fragrance juz takes my breaths away jaan...
every single part of you..has its own fragrance babie...and i am addicted to each of them..

jaaan...ab nai raha jata aapke bina babie...ab nai ho paata
i know aap mujhse situations ko samajhne ko bolti ho..par ..
bahut samjha hai jaan maine....bahut samjhaya hai khudko...aap bhi to samjho na mujhse nai hota ye sab...mujhe nai samajh aati koi bhi ..kisi bhi tarah ki situation...all i know...and all i need..and all i live..and all i breathe is you jaaan...
nai samajhni aur situations mujhe...those situations make me feel rejected....i already had a lot of bad moments in my life before 29th june jaan..
yes i  am glad and i was REBORN on 29th june... and i am soglad that i got to marry the only person i care about in this world...but babie..i can't handle distances matter wat the situation is ...

enough with  the heavy talks my love..
another thing i want to confess is..
babie...lisin...i mean read carefully...its serious..
love u na jaan ji...

u know...your curves...the way your body moves...
it drives me crazy jaan..
ur tummy...and khushbu tummy ki...baba re...kasam khuda ki...hila ke rakh deti ho jaan..
u are the definition of sexy my love..
you know wat makes you even more sexier...its the cuteness you have along with your sexiness..
i have no idea do you manage to be cute and sexy,,,and wild...and naughty...yet so simple and yet so charmingly beautiful...all at the same time love...




well jaaaaan..
inni der se padha jaa raha hai mera babie...ab thak gaya hoga mera schota sha baccha..
yahan aa jao schota babie mere armz main..
let me love you jaam..
u know it well jaaan tht you are my god my love...
now all i understand ..and all i know is you jaan...


babie this wasn't a rhyming poem ...or some well thought write up..
bas jo man main aaya likhta you jaan..
and i know babie


Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Reborn... :)

Here is another night..and the Full Moon shines so bright..

I can feel MY LADY in my armz..and i HUG her so tight..

We had been through a lot of tough times..
but WE finally won the FIGHT.. :)

She is my LADY..i am her hubby..everything is so perfect.
And the future is so BRIGHT..

Whenever i look at her ..i feel so intense..and i can see...
She EMITS a beautiful divine  LIGHT..

I found my SAFE HAVEN in her..She found her SAFE HAVEN in me..
is it even possible to have such a wonderfully perfect LIFE..

Now i realize that all the HAUNTED DREAMZ and all the SLEEPLESS nyts..
never gone waste ..they all were WORTH THE FIGHT..

IN all the nights i was all the nights i CRIED..
there wasn't a single moment ..when i din thought of her divine light..

When i see the MOON..when i see the SUN..
i can FEEL that if compared to HER SMILE...they are not even slightest of BRIGHT.. :)

Its again 29th JUNE...And again i am BORN..
And here I DWELL in HER ARMZ in another BLISSFUL  NIGHT... :)


Wednesday, October 17, 2012

All I Wanna

Trust is all I got on u..
Love is all I feel for u..
Life is all I wanna spend with u..
Love is all I wanna do to u..
Happie is all I wanna see u ever..
Smile is all I wanna be on your lips..
tears are all I wanna never see down ur cheeks..
Charm is all I wanna bring to ur face..
Content is all I wanna make u feel forever...
Ur voice is all I wanna hear all my life..
Ur lap is all I wanna lye in forever..
My armz are all I wanna keep u forever..
Ur hairs are all I wanna play with ever..
Ur eyes are all I wanna need to drown..
Ur heartbeats are all I wanna need to calm down..
Ur moon is all I wanna be in the nyt..
Ur sun is all I wanna be in the daylight..
Love is all I wanna need forever..
Love is all I wanna do to you till death..ever and ever..


Tuesday, October 2, 2012

I used to think..if your love was worth waiting for...
Then i thought of your smile..And i was ready for a WAR..

 I used to think..if i'll ever be able to get you..
Then i saw your Eyes..and i was deep into the THOUGHTS of you...

 I used to think...if i'll ever be able to hold you in my armz..
Then i heard your VOICE...and i was ready to Take any CHANCE....

 I used to think..if i'll ever be able to feel your touch..
Then i thought of your armz...and i was ready to HOLD YOU AND CLUTCH...

 I used to think..if i'll ever be able to kiss your beautiful soft LIPS..
Then i thought of your CHARM..and i was ready to Take any kindaa RISK....

 I used to think..if i'll ever be able to have your intoxicating fragrance..
Then i saw your GLOWING skin..and i was ready to FALL IN LOVE all over again....

 I used to think..if i'll ever be able to wipe off the pearls flowing down your eyes...
 Then i felt a tear rolling down my face..and i was ready to GIVE YOU whole NEW LIFE...

 I used to think...if i'll ever be able to marry you...
 Then i thought of you in that beautiful white dress..and suddenly my MIND...YES IT DID BLEW.....

 I used to would you survive without me...
 Then i thought...even i don't want to die.. And i was ready to be your slave..and surrender my life in your armz and your feet..

 I used to think..for how long will i have to think..
so i thought to make you mine.. and you brought me back to juz a WINK...
  I used to think....... ????
think...wait ...i don't think anymore...
I LOVE..... :)

 I use to love....and love u a lot....
 past is past ..and it is gone..
you were lost..but it was back long..
now you are i am yours..
you are my wife..and i am your life..

Born to love love.. love u so vyy much my love..

 P.S. I LOVE YOU Mrs. Bhargava.. :)

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


its so bright.. wat is it.. so full of life.. what's it.. is it a that full of life.. emitting so much life... who is she.. she is coming closer..I can feel her presence..her fragrance.. am I watching a dream.. I used to dream of her evry single night.. and evry single day..evry single moment of my life.. there wasn't a second tht passed without her thought.. is this a dream.. I have the habit of waking up from her dreamz....and realizing tht..dreamz always do not come true.. but thn how is it possible.. she is walking towards me..and damn..she is walking faster and faster..why is she running.. is she about to hit me or something.. this myt be a dream.. she always was a dream.. no.. omg.. and she jumped on me..and hugged me tyt.. and whisperd in my ears.. ''i m all urs my love..'' and kissed me ryt on my forehead..and thn my smooth..I can feel her soft lips touching mine..her breaths..on my face.. and yes she is my reality now.. I can feel her love...I can feel her so intense.. her love is so pure.. and get cuteness .. beyond comparison.. the way she looks at me..the way she smiles at me..the way she hugs me..says it all.. her love...drives me..keeps me goin..she is my life..and I can feel myself alive now.. living her is the best feelin in this universe...and it is the one and only feeling I love and only.. people need reason..need excitement to live life...they need air to breathe. .. blood to flow.. mind to think..heart to beat..senses to feel... I need her to breathe.. she flows in me.. she's all I think..she beats in me..and she's the only feeling I feel.. our love is beyond eternity...beyond forever.. I won't ever get tired of loving her...kissing her..hugging her..making her feel my love...forever nd ever.. all I have is her now.. she is the source of cuteness in this universe.. she is the source of beauty in this universe.. she is the source of my life.. I m her..she is me.. and our love is more thn.. ''THE LOVE BEYOND FOREVER'' live u u babie.. :*

Sunday, September 9, 2012

and u brought me back to life.. :)

I was lost .. I was dead.. there were tyms I was sad.. I was broken .. I was stolen.. so many words were left unspoken.. I cried a lot.. I died a lot.. but for your smile..yes I smiled a lot.. feelings were hidden.. thoughts were written.. couldn't do anything accept watching u with wide eyes open.. prayed to God.. yes I've prayed a lot.. cried like hell .. yes I've cried a lot.. dreamt of you.. yes I've dreamt a lot.. waited for you to be mine.. yes I've waited a lot.. and yes the wait is over now.. yes it's over now.. hands in hands we walk again.. dream in dream we dream again.. me and you..the perfect few.. my feelings for you.. yes..they are so true.. all the pain I took.. the nyts I cried.. all make sense now.. u love me so deep.. I love u babie..I love u my life.. although this writeup doesn't rhyme..or doesn't sound gud.. but all I know is u'll love it coz u love me..nd I love u so true.. :) love u love..

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Happily Ever After..

And the bells are ringing.. I can hear the soothing sound of bells...prayers.. everything seems so white.. so full of life.. and I m waiting for her .. juz for one look of hers.. one glance... bright sun light on the huge doors.. I am standing near the doors..waiting for her.. and there ..I can see a shadow.. dear God.. I m in love with her shadow.. and the wind flows.. Aaaahhhh.. the lively..the fragrance so strong..tht can bring any dead to life.. and there she steps in.. I can see her white dress flowing behind her.. even the dress is feeling so lucky that it got a chance to be on her.. and now I can see her.... flowers in her hands..white roses...I can see the flowers smiling coz she is holding them in her warm hands.. and m standing there armz longing for her hands dying for her touch.. Ohh dear God.. I can see her.. such a beautifully crafted body..such a pure soul..eyes so charming...her body glowing...her beauty is flowing...evry other gal in this universe can feel complex from her divine beauty.. and there she steps in.. everybody is standing ..with eyes wide open...looking at the only angel in this universe.. and she moves her hand forward...finally giving me chance to hold her warm beautiful a chance to hold her waist..the waist for which any living or dead person in this universe could have died for.. now we moving on the red silk carpet..people showering flowers on us.. white petals. the bells are ringing.. people humming songs.. and I slowly make her step up on the dice.. and holding her hand.. and finally surrendering my life to her.. her beauty..her soul..she is my goddess angel... taking all the wows in front of God.. in front of the universe.. and promising her to love evry single second..evry single moment of my life. till my very last.heartbeat... till my very last breath.. I will love u ..u are my are my soul now my love.. only thing I saw...I see..and I'll ever be able to see is u my love..just ur deep beautiful eyes.. and I promise to be ur man for all our lives.. I won't ever give u even a single moment...a single chance to feel even a lil low.. won't let any tear touch ur beautiful lips.. won't let any problem come to ur mind.. will love u so much tht even the God of love won't be able to face me ever again...because he'll know tht my love is much more beyond eternity... and with this..i got my life.. I got my wife.. I can't xpress wat I m feeling inside.. its so wonderful...feels so satisfied.. will love u jaan evry day and all the nyts.. and with this the priest says... ''You May Now Kiss The Bride'' LOVE YOU MY ANGEL..THANKU JAAN FOR MAKING ALL MY LIVES SO BEAUTIFUL MY LOVE.....

Friday, August 24, 2012


"We used to be together silently for hours... Not a word to be spoken.. I used to come to U when I was sad..depressed.. You would burn me down..only for me to feel the pain of burning ...instead of the other pains i was suffring from.. And there was some solace in that silence for both of us... It used to make my heart feel lighter and it was the only conversation I used to have with anyone... There was something magical in your tase to which i was addicted to.... Maybe the burning sensation diverted me from my pains.. I felt guilty but I used to long for you to come to me. You were the world to me.... But now I haven’t seen you for a while... You must have found someone to share your sorrows, someone who doesn’t just sit silently beside you but lends you some painful words.. i am happie for you.. that you now have someone share your pains...ur essence.. I can't be with you anymore.. You were never that strong ...that i could hold on to you.. so i am leaving you alone from now forever.. don't ask me ..why i am doing this to you.. I have to do all this just because i've found someone more stronger than you.. your addiction was nothing as compared to her.. your essence is so dull....her fragrence so much more stronger than you.. i used to be with that i can share my pains and sorrows.. but now i have no more pains left in my life.. i've finally found my life.. thanx for being with me for so long and helping me to foget my pains for atleast a few moments.. now i love her...and she is my life.. so our journey ends here... gonna miss you. don't worrie ...we'll see each other occasionally..but don't get jelous ...because every time i'll see u.. she'll be with me... and trust me she tastes the best... your taste was nothing as compared to her.. so here's my final gudbye.. :)"
 This was the last conversation i had with my one last sip of Whisky... :)
 I love You My Love.... <3 b="b">