Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Reborn... :)

Here is another night..and the Full Moon shines so bright..

I can feel MY LADY in my armz..and i HUG her so tight..

We had been through a lot of tough times..
but WE finally won the FIGHT.. :)

She is my LADY..i am her hubby..everything is so perfect.
And the future is so BRIGHT..

Whenever i look at her ..i feel so intense..and i can see...
She EMITS a beautiful divine  LIGHT..

I found my SAFE HAVEN in her..She found her SAFE HAVEN in me..
is it even possible to have such a wonderfully perfect LIFE..

Now i realize that all the HAUNTED DREAMZ and all the SLEEPLESS nyts..
never gone waste ..they all were WORTH THE FIGHT..

IN all the nights i was AFRAID..in all the nights i CRIED..
there wasn't a single moment ..when i din thought of her divine light..

When i see the MOON..when i see the SUN..
i can FEEL that if compared to HER SMILE...they are not even slightest of BRIGHT.. :)

Its again 29th JUNE...And again i am BORN..
And here I DWELL in HER ARMZ in another BLISSFUL  NIGHT... :)


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