Sunday, September 9, 2012

and u brought me back to life.. :)

I was lost .. I was dead.. there were tyms I was sad.. I was broken .. I was stolen.. so many words were left unspoken.. I cried a lot.. I died a lot.. but for your smile..yes I smiled a lot.. feelings were hidden.. thoughts were written.. couldn't do anything accept watching u with wide eyes open.. prayed to God.. yes I've prayed a lot.. cried like hell .. yes I've cried a lot.. dreamt of you.. yes I've dreamt a lot.. waited for you to be mine.. yes I've waited a lot.. and yes the wait is over now.. yes it's over now.. hands in hands we walk again.. dream in dream we dream again.. me and you..the perfect few.. my feelings for you.. yes..they are so true.. all the pain I took.. the nyts I cried.. all make sense now.. u love me so deep.. I love u babie..I love u my life.. although this writeup doesn't rhyme..or doesn't sound gud.. but all I know is u'll love it coz u love me..nd I love u so true.. :) love u love..

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