Friday, August 24, 2012


"We used to be together silently for hours... Not a word to be spoken.. I used to come to U when I was sad..depressed.. You would burn me down..only for me to feel the pain of burning ...instead of the other pains i was suffring from.. And there was some solace in that silence for both of us... It used to make my heart feel lighter and it was the only conversation I used to have with anyone... There was something magical in your tase to which i was addicted to.... Maybe the burning sensation diverted me from my pains.. I felt guilty but I used to long for you to come to me. You were the world to me.... But now I haven’t seen you for a while... You must have found someone to share your sorrows, someone who doesn’t just sit silently beside you but lends you some painful words.. i am happie for you.. that you now have someone share your pains...ur essence.. I can't be with you anymore.. You were never that strong ...that i could hold on to you.. so i am leaving you alone from now forever.. don't ask me ..why i am doing this to you.. I have to do all this just because i've found someone more stronger than you.. your addiction was nothing as compared to her.. your essence is so dull....her fragrence so much more stronger than you.. i used to be with that i can share my pains and sorrows.. but now i have no more pains left in my life.. i've finally found my life.. thanx for being with me for so long and helping me to foget my pains for atleast a few moments.. now i love her...and she is my life.. so our journey ends here... gonna miss you. don't worrie ...we'll see each other occasionally..but don't get jelous ...because every time i'll see u.. she'll be with me... and trust me she tastes the best... your taste was nothing as compared to her.. so here's my final gudbye.. :)"
 This was the last conversation i had with my one last sip of Whisky... :)
 I love You My Love.... <3 b="b">

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