Sunday, October 30, 2011

teach me..tell me..know me...

Teach me to stop caring
When I think of what we were
Teach me to stop thinking
When I see you evrywhere

Show me how to live again
When you're not here with me
Show me how to fight the fact
That we're not meant to be

Tell me that I'll be alright
And my life will be okay
Without you right here by my side
To hold my hand each day

Let these teardrops wash away
Don't let this heartbreak last...
Let me let go like you did
For you've forgotten me so fast

konw me..u know me so well..
still u r not with me..
don't you know my luvly shell..
this was neva ment to be..

some day..a day'll come..
u'll mis me so much..
some day..a day'll come..
u won't be able to feel my touch..

no strings attached...

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