Sunday, September 11, 2011

juz U ..all over ME....

yes i know this feeling..
i have felt this way before..
so much INSECURE...

even small distances from u are unbearable..
come back to own angelish angel..

waiting for you is a killing feeling..
even small wounds seems like..they are never healing..

i keep on telling myself that i am perfectly fine..
but the truth is..i miss u so starts to feel like a fading sunshine..

i am just strong on the surface..not all the way through..
i had never been perfect.. i always NEEDED YOU...

i am there to turn your tears to ROSES..
i want only u..till the very end..until my eyes finally closes....

and here i promise..
as long as i am BREATHING...
one thing that will keep on increasing are just my FEELINGS..
i'll never let you be alone..
you'll never ever find me gone..
wenever you'll close your eyes you will find me around..
i'll be always there following you your SHADOW on the ground....

hug u...

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